Wotet Abay Elementary School


Wotet Abay Elementary School has 2,033 students, including 17 with special needs. In the current year, 20% of grade 1 children are overage (8-12 years old). Academic achievement has been poor: no Wotet Abay student has passed to grade 9 in the past two years scoring 50% or over in all subjects. During 2017, FGCF demolished the existing mud classrooms and replaced them with 4 new, well-lighted and ventilated cement blocks (16 classrooms), along with an admin block, a science lab and new separate boys and girls latrine blocks.  Representatives of all levels of government, including the Head of the Amhara Region Education Department attended the school opening.


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Teachers from the school, including one of the special needs teachers, attended FGCF’s educational partner, ICS, in Addis Ababa and shadowed teachers there for a week.  During the summer of 2017, with the help of the Bahir Dar University Agricultural department, hundreds of seedlings were planted on the school grounds. These plants are fast growing, and in just a few years will provide both play and study areas, and the fruit orchard will provide income to support disadvantaged students with their fees and uniforms. Playing fields, with basic sports equipment, will also be included as part of the project in 2018.




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