Gimjabet High School


Gimjabet is a new high school established in Gimjabet town, Ankesha Guagusa Woreda of the Awi Zone with contributions from the Gimjabet community (70%) and FGCF (30%). It was opened in September 2018 to take the pressure off from the Ankesha Comprehensive High School, which was serving 4,677 students and refusing to take in many grade 8 graduates for lack of space.


current stage

The school has 12 cement block, furnished classrooms, two science labs, a library, a teacher resource centre, an IT room and offices, latrines separate for female and male students and staff, and drinking water close to classrooms and other facilities. Teachers were trained and have been followed up in their classrooms and provided with one-on-one support. The school has 835 grade 9 students and will open grade 10 in September 2019, increasing its student population to 1200.

Gimjabet water tank.jpg


Preparations are now finalized to start the educational gardening program and to start planting seedlings for live fencing. This will involve the school community, local agricultural office, and parents, as well as students. The school will be connected to the town’s power grid and students will have technologically supported education in the next academic year.




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