Dr. Getnet Elementary School

(formerly Azena)


Dr. Getnet Elementary School was officially opened in October 2016. Prior to that there was only one elementary school (Grades: 1-8) in the town serving 2,329 children. A high dropout rate and delayed enrollment were common. Out of the 346 students enrolled in grade 1 in September 2014, for example, 27.7% were over 7 years old. While achievement was poor on standard exams at that time, our intervention seems to have been very successful, with the new school ranking first in academic achievement on the regional standard tests in 2017, one grade 3 student achieving the highest marks overall.


current stage

The teacher training and greening programs are ongoing, with trees planted in 2017 growing well both in the schoolyard and in the orchard. The school is a center of excellence in the Awi zone.



Water pipes have been installed that connect the school to the water source in the nearby town of Azena. These provide water for the orchard and shade trees, as well as to the wash stations in the schoolyard. All other aspects of our holistic approach are progressing well at Dr. Getnet.




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