Birr Adama Primary School


Birr Adama Primary School is a joint project of FGCF, the Bahir Dar University and the community of Fengeta Chegode in the Quarit Woreda of West Gojjam Zone. The school had falling classrooms, no library and no science lab. Teachers did not have any in-service training and were predominantly using the lecture and rote learning method.


current stage

Since September 2018, FGCF has provided the school with: 16 new cement block, well ventilated classrooms; new desks; a library with reference, fiction and self-help books; a laboratory with science kits; and, an admin block with a teacher resource centre, offices, and an IT room. The new classrooms have reduced the class size from an average of 61 in each shift to 50. Teachers have been trained and are receiving personalized support; their student engagement and assessment strategies are improving.

Birr Adama new and old.jpg


A well is being dug to provide water both for drinking and irrigation, and preparations are underway to plant multi-purpose trees and to establish educational vegetable and fruit gardens.




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