Abay Mado First Cycle Elementary School


Abay Mado First Cycle Elementary School is located on the outskirts of Bahir Dar City. It is a two-story building, a first for FGCF, because of the limited physical space available in which to build. It holds twelve classrooms, a library, and a pedagogical center, and one for staff and administration. New separate latrine blocks for boys and girls have been built and all aspects of our holistic model will be applied to this school. It opened in September 2018, and is home to 880 students and 35 teachers and staff.


current stage

Teachers have been trained in the best teaching practices and are receiving weekly support from FGCF’s experts. Children whose standards are below their grade levels are provided personalized support by the school’s teachers and student volunteers from the Bahir Dar University and nearby high schools. Trees were planted last June and are doing well. Planning is underway to establish and run gardens aligned with the classroom curriculum. A two-day WASH training was provided to the school by the WET Centre and has made a significant change in the cleanliness of the classrooms and the school’s open spaces.

Abay Mado open10.jpg


Children now have access to safe and adequate water at the school. Unlike non-FGCF target public schools, the large chalk paint boards in the classrooms and the training and ongoing support teachers get from FGCF have enabled them to effectively engage students instead of treating them as passive learners.




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