Abay Mado Elementary School


Abay Mado First Cycle Elementary School is a new school, located on the outskirts of Bahir Dar City. It is a two storey building, a first for FGCF, because of the limited physical space available in which to build. It holds ten classrooms, a library, and a pedagogical center, and three rooms for staff and administration. New separate latrine blocks for boys and girls have been built and all aspects of our holistic model will be applied to this school. It is expected to open in September 2018, when it will be home to 1,000 students and 35 teachers and staff.


current stage

Current stage description



The limited area of the site that was provided for the school meant that a new two storey design was implemented.  Construction has gone smoothly and we feel that it will be very functional, and a very practical use of space.




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