Project Update - April 2017


New Hire

We are delighted to welcome a uniquely qualified professional, Abiyot Ashenafi, to our team. Abiyot has a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, a bachelor’s degree in Educational Planning and Management and fifteen years of experience in education related endeavours in both the public and non-profit sectors.

He is based in Bahir Dar, the capital of the Amhara Regional State, and is responsible for all aspects of planning, facilitating, and follow-up monitoring the teacher training portion of our projects. (Read more at Our Team)

New Projects

Construction of two new schools in the Amhara region is underway: Wotet Abay Elementary School and Abay Mado First Cycle Elementary School. Wotet Abay involves tearing down and replacing broken down mud structures and Abay Mado is a new school. Both are desperately needed because of severe overcrowding in existing schools as well as poor quality of teachers and general education. Wotet Abay is home to 17 special needs students.

Along with the physical construction of new school buildings and latrines, all furniture and books other than textbooks will be included in the project. Textbooks and staff are provided by the government.

As with all FGCF projects, both Wotet Abay and Abay Mado will be based on our holistic approach, so teacher capacity workshops and water, sanitation and hygiene workshops will be provided, along with a greening program and sports fields and equipment. Additionally, follow up and outcome measurement of teacher training, student achievement, and student wellbeing will continue for three years.

Read more at Wotet Abay and Abay Mado