Exciting Developments in Ethiopia!

Here is another missive from our Ethiopian Executive Director, Yehalem, about exciting developments in the country:

“The new prime minister pleasantly surprised many of us by bringing women to power in unbelievable size. He has down sized the ministries and appointed women to head 50% of them. This morning, the parliament approved his nominee for the Supreme Court and we have now the first woman president of the supreme court with the monumental task of making the justice system independent. More importantly, Ethiopia also got its first woman head of state (president) just last week.”

Sahel-Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia

Sahel-Work Zewde, President of Ethiopia


In other news, we have partnered with the international organization, Operation Eyesight, and Yehalem recently sent this report:

“Operation eyesight’s ophthalmologist gave a one day practical training to 2-4 teachers from our target schools on screening children with eye problems and the teachers have started screening students… Operation Eyesight people have also brought us lots of glasses which will be dispensed to students and staff by volunteers from the Bahir Dar University’s eye department.”