We have opened eight schools in the Amhara region since the inception of FGCF, and are planning to complete construction of five more in 2019 (one being completion of a 2018 project).

The teacher training program has begun in all eight schools; the greening and gardening program is well under way in our first five schools, and we look forward to it beginning in the other schools in 2019. Water tanks have been installed in four of the schools and access to water from nearby sources has been completed in three of those.

Our sanitation & hygiene workshops have been held in three schools so far and will be provided to all of the others in the near future.

The first reading and math assessments were taken in three schools in the fall of 2017 and a second round was conducted in June 2018. Results provided an invaluable tool to teachers, principals, and our FGCF Education experts alike, to assess areas where our program has been successful, and areas where there improvement may be warranted.


Sebatamit Elementary School

Our first project, now flourishing with gardens and an educational gardening program

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Dr. Getnet Elementary School (formerly Azena)

A centre of excellence in the Awi zone, home to innovative teaching methods and resources

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Abichikili High School

One of our two high schools, already bursting at the seams because of its excellent programs

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Wotet Abay Elementary School

A centre of excellence that is home to a special needs program, innovative teaching, and a flourishing educational gardening program

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Abay Mado First Cycle Elementary School

Our first two-storey building that makes the best use of limited land availability

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Birr Adama Primary School

Our most rural school, located in a mountainous region in the West Gojjam Zone

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Gimjabet opening7.jpg

Gimjabet High School

A high school opened in 2018, built to ease the pressure of increasing student enrollment in the region

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Addis Amba Primary School

A three-storey primary school on the outskirts of Bahir Dar, being built to accommodate a growing student population in a relatively small space

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Merawi opening2.jpg

merawi Primary School

A 2019 project being built in partnership with the Merawi community and Bahir Dar University

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Debre Work bid7.jpg

debre work Primary School

Our first project in the East Gojjam region, the community has provided FGCF with funding to hire a junior education expert dedicated to the region for three years.

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Bezawit kids.jpg

bezawit Primary School

A 2019 school being built to replace the existing broken down mud facility which is without water, latrines or a playground

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Firin specialneeds.jpg


Currently under construction, the school will be a great addition to the area where most families are low income.

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