A holistic approach to education that improves overall quality of life in Ethiopia

The Frances G. Cosco Foundation takes a holistic, community-driven approach to our projects. We work collaboratively with local communities, governments, and other NGOs on education improvement projects that are desperately needed in the Amhara Region. We are party to an agreement signed in 2015 with the Amhara Regional Educational Department, after we received a request from them to work together to improve quality of education in public schools under its jurisdiction.


Our Model


 community collaboration

Collaborating in choosing contractors, funding, and oversight of projects

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 Government collaboration

Government collaboration includes supplying teachers and textbooks, oversight, and workshop facilitation

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Project Initiatives



Building classrooms, science labs, libraries and admin buildings, as well as supplying furniture and books

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Teacher training

Facilitating workshops and exposure visits, and conducting three year follow-ups and mentorship programs

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School greening

Developing open air shaded classrooms, and facilitating fruit and vegetable gardening

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Water, sanitation and hygiene

Facilitating training workshops, and improving access to water at schools

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measurement and research

Running follow up achievement and well-being assessments

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